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Boiler Installations

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Plumbing remodeling

Remodeling your kitchen, bathroom and basement is more than just another home improvement project.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home and the place where your family comes together, so you want it to be special and customized to your individual needs.
Lamco Plumbing and Heating Inc of Randolph helps our clients plan carefully so that the investment in the home also becomes an investment in our client’s lifestyle.

A bathroom remodeling project is also the perfect chance to upgrade the plumbing systems, fix weak water pressure, or replace leaky faucets. Heat, moisture, and heavy use make the bathroom especially vulnerable to deterioration and structural damage, high-quality materials and exacting craftsmanship are imperative.

Remodeling your basement is an extremely complicated undertaking and Lamco Plumbing and Heating Inc has the knowledge and experience to avoid the mistakes commonly made by those less experienced. Remodeling or finishing the basement is one of the best way to expand your living space, but there are a few factors which need to be carefully considered before starting a project.

  • Experience and expertise in kitchen, bathroom and basement design.
    Nearly every contractor will tell you they do kitchens, bathrooms and basements. However, these type of remodeling encompass much more than installation. Lamco Plumbing and Heating Inc is skilled and knowledgeable in pulling together an efficient, aesthetically-pleasing design that blends into your life. We have the experience to be able to think outside of the box when it comes to design to help you create a design that maximizes functionality.
  • Significant up-front time investment.
    Lamco Plumbing and Heating Inc takes detailed measurements and makes sure that we have a familiarity with your home. No two houses are exactly alike – each has unique characteristics and quirks. Lamco Plumbing and Heating Inc will always plan with the client’s home in mind.
  • We ask questions.
    We feel this is a vital step in the remodeling process. So that we can provide our customer with the exact outcome they are looking for we spend time in the basement asking questions about the client’s preferences and how the basement is used so that the final product can reflect both. This way the client’s input figures prominently in the finished project.
  • A broad spectrum of suggestions.
    Sometimes our clientele have a very clear idea of what they want to accomplish with their home remodel, sometimes they are stuck. Either way, Lamco Plumbing and Heating Inc of Randolph will provide the client suggestions and advice throughout the planning process that will improve the finished project.