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Boiler Installations

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Boiler Installations in Springfield

Three Signs Your Springfield, NJ Home Needs New Boiler Installation

Compared to other ways of heating your home, boilers don’t seem to get a lot of attention in today’s media. It seems many Springfield residents think of them as an old-fashioned method of heating, compared to trendy new fads like geothermal heat pumps. But the simple fact is that a gas-fired or combi boiler is a reliable and affordable way to heat your Springfield home or business that will last you many years.

As such, it’s very likely that the boiler currently in your home was installed decades ago. Experts suggest that your boiler should be replaced with a new boiler installation every 10 to 25 years. If you’re not sure whether or not your boiler is in top working condition, Lamco Plumbing & Heating Inc. has put together this list of three warning signs you might need boiler replacement:

  1. Your Boiler Keeps Shutting Off Without Warning In the world of boiler problems, this one is pretty serious. If your boiler frequently shuts off only to restart, or worse, shuts off until you call an engineer to fix it, you should seriously think about boiler replacement. While boilers can last up to 25 years if cared for properly, they may only last 10 if the necessary maintenance hasn’t been performed—and as the boiler loses efficiency, its system will get overloaded and stop functioning.
  2. It Takes Longer to Heat Your Home You may notice after you get home from work that your apartment or home is a little colder than you’d like it to be, even with the automatic thermostat set. It’s true that this may be a thermostat problem, but if you notice that your house isn’t reaching the correct temperature as quickly as it used to, call a technician to take a look at your central heating system today.
  3. You Hear Gurgling or Banging Noises From Your Boiler Strange banging or gurgling noises doesn’t mean your house is haunted, it means your boiler is kettling—and this is usually a serious problem! Kettling is caused by deposits of sludge and scale from byproducts left in your home’s water supply. As your boiler runs, these cause uneven heat distribution. In extreme cases, kettling can even lead to your boiler exploding! But fear not. Most boilers have safety mechanisms in place to prevent this from happening. And in fact, if you’ve had a combi boiler installation performed, your boiler is protected from the dangers of kettling. But you should call one of the boiler replacement experts at Lamco Plumbing & Heating Inc. in case. Better safe than sorry!

Your Boiler Installation Services Experts

Whether you’re looking for a new combi boiler installation or to repair your existing boiler, if you notice any of these above signs, call the experts at Lamco Plumbing & Heating Inc. right away. We’re Springfield’s central heating experts, and we make customer service our top priority. If you’re wondering if your home’s heating efficiency is as good as it could be, call us today for a free consultation!